Great College Night and Career Day

I personally had a bright new view of a all the possible career options avaliable. Hope all of you are thinking about what your possibilities are.

HW 5/4

LA: Last chance for Reading Log Invites to the party. M: Open Responses; Apple Pies and Getting to school. Don't forget to practice you May Day performance and finish your Affection Wheels.


Great Art Day on Wednesday and the Art Gallery was fabulous. What was your favorite part of Art week?


HW 4/26-29

Last week for reading logs. Finish out this month strong to get invited to the Reading Log Party. Math: Multiplication Speed test. We will be having a party for those that can do 50 facts in under 2 minutes. Practice all the may day performances.


HSA Science week

HW LA: Reading Logs all week Monday M: Bowling Wkst. Tues. M: Counting Baskets Wkst.


HSA Test Week 2

HW is still Reading Logs and work on Multiplication tables. This week we are taking the math tests. Next week we will be doing the science one. Don't forget the journals that some of the students didn't finish yet. Journals and Geometric Solids (3D shapes)


HSA Reading Week

HW LA Reading Logs M: Practice x6,7,8,9 tables. Same HW all week. GET A GOOD NIGHTS REST AND EAT BREAKFAST! BE @ SCHOOL EARLY!

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